About Us


From smaller entrepreneurial organizations to large enterprises, developing smart IT infrastructure and managing big data can be the difference between success and failure. With over four decades of industry experience and in-depth technical knowledge, ILM 360 understands how to harness the power of IT for a wide range of businesses.

Our cost-effective solutions not only help you resolve and anticipate IT problems, they help you grow more efficiently, expand product offerings and customer service quality, and increase profitability.

What Makes Us Different

We don’t claim to be everything for everyone. Rather, we provide customized solutions that delve into the details of your business. We develop strategies that consider the nuances of your specific challenges and potential. We also deliver implementations that are seamless with existing IT infrastructure, adapt to your resource pool, and create turnkey systems for smaller clients.

As a result, instead of receiving generic fixes that are limited in scope, you get IT and data management answers that take you to the next level.

Additionally, beyond our extensive expertise and experience, we are dedicated to customer satisfaction. We deliver superior customer service through constant communication and an approach that makes us your partner instead of your vendor. We also are nimble and efficient, which enables us to deliver solutions that cost less than our competitors.

Contact us today and discover how our IT solutions can make your business stronger.