Consulting Services


ILM 360 provides robust consulting services in the following areas:

  1. Infrastructure Services
  2. Migration Services
  3. Cloud Services

Infrastructure Services

Challenges / Business Drivers

As the number of users increases, server performance at peak load, business continuity of the server infrastructure, and data protection from unauthorized users become mission critical to the organization.

Organizations are also faced with the question of saving on operational costs by means of server virtualization and/or application virtualization.

How ILM 360 Can Help

We will work with your business to deliver architecture roadmaps, environmental assessments, and infrastructure proofs-of-concepts.

We also do an evaluation of on-premise SharePoint platform vis-à-vis Microsoft’s cloud-based Azure platform by comparing the capital and operational costs in each model, for both present and projected needs.

In alignment with your organization-specific roadmaps, we will set up high performance, high availability and high scalability SharePoint 2013 Farms.

We also carry out legacy modernization services, and advise on licensing, capacity planning and virtualization.

We will also provide Microsoft Best Practices for your infrastructure investments, including monitoring of services, regular audit of access to restricted data, and a formalized Change Management process for server patches, updates and installs.

Migration Services

Challenges / Business Drivers

As organizations make IT investments over time, they may end up with disparate systems that function in their own silos. Enterprises may have Groupwise for mail, Documentum for document sharing, Lotus Notes for collaboration as well as Microsoft applications, all in the same technology space.

The challenge for organizations is to consolidate legacy platforms and applications to achieve operational efficiencies. Rather than being shackled to obsolete technologies, organizations are in need of a regular refresh cycle of platform upgrades and migrations.

How ILM 360 Can Help

The right enterprise platform which enables the latest productivity features can provide the optimal return on IT investment, and deliver competitive advantage to an organization.

ILM 360 can carry out LotusNotes to SharePoint migration, Documentum to SharePoint migration, as well as SharePoint on-premise to SharePoint Online migration.

We view Migration as an opportunity to clean up the legacy environment. Prior to any content getting migrated to SharePoint, we will purge, archive and consolidate content in order to reduce the time, cost and complexity of the migration. This ensures that the newly migrated environment is optimized from the start.

Similar to content consolidation, we will also categorize, prioritize and rationalize legacy applications. We will retire applications that are no longer being used, and will refactor legacy custom apps into SharePoint out-of-the-box components that will be easy to maintain going forward.

When mapping from legacy systems, we will take advantage of native SharePoint features such as lists, libraries, metadata, content types, and workflows.

We provide migration services to the latest version of SharePoint using an iterative model of Discover-Migrate-Deploy, ensuring that we identify and mitigate all risks during the migration process.

During the Discover phase, information that is captured includes content sources, permissions, users and audiences, features, lists, web parts and customizations

During the Migration phase, we carry out taxonomy design, source to target mapping, solution integration and unit testing. A 3rd-party tool is sometimes used to provide granular control of the migration process.

The Deployment phase comprises UAT, testing fixes, SharePoint governance, training and deployment.

Cloud Services

Challenges / Business Drivers

As an organization’s IT investment grows, a large part of the operational cost goes into the supporting hardware infrastructure, software licensing and resources to administer the software.

The challenge for organizations with an ever-growing IT footprint is how to leverage the Infrastructure as a Service cloud-based model in order to reduce IT costs, without reducing their IT functionality.

How ILM 360 Can Help

The Cloud is a transformative model of doing business. Microsoft’s Office 365 provides the power of SharePoint and Office as a cloud offering.

We will evaluate your organization’s cloud readiness, and provide a cost-benefit analysis of a subscription-based SharePoint Online model vis-a-vis an on-premise hosted model.

We will help you minimize your organizational spend on licensing, email servers, intranet servers and IT resources, by migrating to the Office 365 cloud at an attractive ROI.

You can obtain all the features of an on-premise SharePoint installation from SharePoint Online, including secure sharing of files with external partners, viewing or restoring previous document versions as needed, and the use of approval workflows for collaboration.

We will also leverage the full range of Office 365 beyond SharePoint, including Lync Online, OneDrive and Exchange Online. With Office 365, users simply log in to work from any place having an Internet connection and from any device that is Internet-enabled.

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