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Database Integration Solutions


In the effort to grow and give customers the best products and services possible, many enterprises unfortunately end up with a complex jumble of custom-built, third-party, and legacy applications and systems. This often results in unmanageable IT environments with multiple tiers of various operating system platforms.

ILM 360’s cross vendor database integration can solve these crucial enterprise-level dilemmas. We provide a wide range of integration strategies using Quest Shareplex and Oracle GoldenGate. Our integration solutions address multiple data replication topologies including one-to-many, many-to-many, cascading, and bidirectional, using low-overhead architecture to capture transactions from a source database and support high-volume and rapidly changing environments.

Our extensive range of use cases features real-time business intelligence, query offloading, zero-downtime upgrades and migrations, disaster recovery and active/active configurations for data distribution, data synchronization, and high availability.

A range of solutions, however, is not effective unless you have an accomplished team to develop and implement them. ILM 360’s team features some of the industry’s leading experts and executives with decades of experience.
Our team highlights include:
One of first implementers and early adopters of Shareplex and GoldenGate, starting in 2004.
First ones to architect and implement migration of replication solutions (with 15 different databases to an Operational Data Store (ODS), from Shareplex to GoldenGate, with a volume of 120 million transactions per day).
Implemented Real Time Analytics solutions to detect price gouging in the wholesale electricity trading market using Goldengate.
Implemented Active/Active, Active/Passive replication solutions across multiple geographies for SQLServer, Oracle, and HP Tandem.

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