SharePoint Solutions

SharePoint Solutions


ILM 360 provides SharePoint Solutions in the following areas:

  1. Client-facing Internet Sites
  2. Intranets & Collaboration Sites
  3. Extranet Sites

Internet Sites

Challenges / Business Drivers

One of the challenges with customer-facing Internet sites are how to let content generators within an organization publish content independent of IT dependencies.

Once we empower content authors, another challenge is to make sure that branding is consistent and that authors have access only to sections of the site that they are authorized to change.

Since public-facing sites have global visibility across geographic and linguistic regions, there are scenarios where sites need to have multi-lingual content variations in order to cater to specific audience demographics.

How ILM 360 Can Help

ILM 360’s Internet solutions will empower your content authors to directly post content with built-in oversights, without needing to involve IT in the routine publishing process.

Our seasoned web designers can develop a variety of page layouts for the authors to write content on pages that are visually consistent.

Our developers will create Master Pages that will ensure common page elements like headers, footers, logos and navigation are incorporated within a unified branding of the organizational site.

We will also configure site variations comprising a root language site and multiple language variation subsites, thus enabling global multi-lingual sites.

We will also create Device Channels that will render content responsively based on the client form factor (desktops, tablets, phones).

Intranet Sites

Challenges / Business Drivers

As enterprises grow and as technologies change, a variety of business information is constantly being produced, searched and consumed. Organizations need solutions that enable information discovery, data visibility and increased productivity through business process automation.

Many enterprises have the business need for a secure centralized repository to efficiently store and search different documents.

Also, the larger an enterprise, the more is the need for individual sites and libraries to collaborate on documents, tasks and processes pertaining to their respective departments or project teams.

Information flow and security across teams that span across geographic regions is also a consideration for larger enterprises.

How ILM 360 Can Help

SharePoint is the industry leading platform for building intranet solutions. We will work with you to develop SharePoint-based intranet portals that promote teamwork in your organization, enable collaboration and simplify communications across geographic boundaries.

We will help you structure and organize your content and metadata, through a well-designed Information Architecture that incorporates a Taxonomy model for the enterprise.

Network shares will be phased out, obsolete content will be purged, and multiple content sources will get consolidated into a single version of the truth.

We will set up Active Directory groups that will grant your users controlled access to content, including secure access to external users.

Using our content management solutions, we will set up your entire document lifecycle – from draft stage to approval to published to record to archive and ultimately to disposition.

We also have expertise in setting up personal My Sites for employees, social search on people, skills and discussions, and blog and wiki sites. Our social media solutions will let employees in your organization follow people, follow documents and follow sites.

We will provide business value to your portals through workflow automation that will achieve process efficiencies and eliminate human errors. In short, we will harness the power of the SharePoint platform to meet all of your organization’s intranet needs.

Extranet Sites

Challenges / Business Drivers

There exist business scenarios where partners, vendors, suppliers and other external users need secure access to specific libraries and documents for collaboration with organizational users. The sharing can be at multiple scopes – either at an item level, or at the library level, or at a site level.

How ILM 360 Can Help

SharePoint Extranets enable external partners to participate in business processes within a consistent security context and appropriate level of partner isolation from internal content.

ILM 360 provides multiple models of external sharing – on-premise SharePoint Extranets, SharePoint Online-based extranets and OneDrive – and will provide an informed recommendation on which model is best suited for your organization.

In the case of on-premise hosted extranets, we will set up the perimeter network and firewalls and active directory server to provide an appropriate level of partner isolation from internal content. External partners will also be able to participate in business workflows within a consistent security context.

In case of Office 365 extranets, it is not necessary that the external partners with whom content has to be shared have to be Office 365 subscribers. SharePoint Online has an external sharing feature that enables external users to access content via an email link.

We also provide multiple levels of external sharing – at a site collection level, at a library level, at an item level – that will fully conform to the compliance and security requirements of your organization.

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